Child Support

The Child Support Agency can collect and enforce child support payments. They are usually the first port of call when it comes to child support, and have internal mechanisms by which parents or carers can seek to review, amend, challenge or commence child support assessments.

Sometimes however, parents or carers may need to take matters into their own hands when their options through the Child Support Agency have been exhausted.

At Culshaw Miller Badenoch Lawyers, we assist our clients to apply to court for a wide range of child support orders that are available through court but not through the Agency, such as but not limited to orders changing child support assessments in certain circumstances or orders with respect to enforcing outstanding and accruing child support debts.

What about binding child support agreements?

Not too dissimilar from binding financial agreements, binding child support agreements enable parties to reach an agreement as to the amount of child support that they are to pay. This can include payment in the form of periodic amounts and/or non-periodic amounts (such as payment of school fees in addition to or in lieu of periodic payments).

These agreements still need to be registered with the Child Support Agency (and sometimes also with the court), but otherwise attract the same strict requirements that binding financial agreements have: both parties must receive independent legal advice with respect to the agreement and both parties’ solicitors must sign a statement to the effect that they have provided that advice.

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