International And Cross-Jurisdictional Family Law

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, Culshaw Miller Badenoch Lawyers is primed to assist in family law matters even if they cross international boundaries and jurisdictions.

It is not uncommon for parties to a relationship or marriage to own property overseas that must be considered and dealt with in the context of a property settlement when dividing assets and liabilities following a relationship breakdown.

Similarly, sometimes a parent will want to relocate overseas or already be living overseas away from the other parent.

This poses some obvious challenges upon a separation in terms of any long-term co-parenting arrangements that need to be made for the care of any child or children.

The team at Culshaw Miller Badenoch Lawyers can provide legal advice and representation in these cases, and can liaise with our colleagues and professionals overseas to provide our clients with the best advice.

Where possible we can also explore the potential for overseas orders to be registered or ‘mirrored’ in Australia, and vice versa, so that identical or similar orders exist in both jurisdictions.

Our modern facilities allow us to video and teleconference with clients interstate and overseas, meaning that distance is no barrier to us being able to act for you in your family law matter.

Contact Culshaw Miller Badenoch Lawyers today to book an initial consultation or make a general enquiry. Our team is able to assist you with your international and cross-jurisdictional family law matter.

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